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Simplifyd Cloud is a deployment platform that empowers you to build, preview and ship applications, from development to production, fast and seamlessly using a single command: edge deploy right from your terminal.

Simplifyd Cloud streamlines the software development lifecycle and makes easy, the mundane, sometimes tedious tasks such as SSL/TLS termination, autoscaling, observability, opening firewall ports, different environment configurations etc.

After deployment, Simplifyd Cloud provides tools such as built-in observability, health, logging, monitoring and more to secure, scale and debug your app in development and production.

  • Learn about the project

    Get an overview of Simplifyd Cloud, motivations and how to engage with the Simplifyd community.

  • Quick Start

    To get up to speed quickly with Simplifyd Cloud, follow the quick start guides. These are short, hands-on tutorials, which demonstrate what's possible, and leaves you with a good high-level overview.

  • Dive deeper

    To get deeper, navigate to the CLI docs, which covers installation, configuration and usage of the Simplifyd Cloud CLI tool called Edge.

If you're looking for something specific you can use the search bar at the top of the page.