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Basic Concepts

This document outlines the core concepts of Simplifyd, providing foundational knowledge of the basic building blocks you'll work with in the platform.


A Simplifyd runner is a deployment target for your deployment source. Deployment sources can be code repositories (git repo or a local directory) or Docker images. After you choose a deployment source, Simplifyd analyzes the source, then builds a Docker image (if the source isn't already a Docker image), and deploys it to the runner.

Out of the box, your app is deployed with a set of default configurations which can be overridden as needed.


It is critical to have testing and staging environments accurately reflect production, but achieving this can be a major operational hassle. Environments in Simplifyd make this easy. An app can be deployed into one of three environments:

  • Production
  • Preview
  • Staging


Variables provide a powerful way to manage configuration and secrets across an apps environments in Simplifyd. Variables allow you to decouple configuration from your application. Variables are injected both at build time and run time. Making variables available at build time is particularly useful when building Vue.js and other similar apps that need dynamic values at build time.