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The following command links a Git account (Github, GitLab) to your Simplifyd Cloud account:

edge git connect

This command opens up a browser to complete the process. You would be required to log into your Git provider's authentication page if you aren't already logged in and authorize access to your Git account from Simplifyd Cloud.

Simplifyd Cloud needs access to pull repos and deploy them. It also allows for automatic deploys when you push code to Git.

List Linked Git Accounts

After your Git account has been linked, you can confirm this by running the following command:

edge get gitAccounts

This should list all Git accounts linked to your Simplifyd Cloud account. It also displays a unique ID assigned by Simplifyd Cloud to your Git accounts.

List Repos for Github Account

To list all repos associated with your linked Git account, run the following command:

edge get gitRepos