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You can deploy virtually any programming language or framework to Simplifyd since ultimately your source code is compiled, built and packaged into a Docker image artifact.

Environment Variables

You can (and should!) use environment variables to configure your apps deployed to Simplifyd.

Environment variables enable you to customize your app’s runtime behavior for different environments (such as development, staging, and production). They also protect you from committing secret credentials (such as API keys or database connection strings) to your application source.

Bulk add environment variables from a .env file

To bulk add environment variables to your deployed app, run the following command: edge set envs < .env

This reads the .env file and configures your deployed app's environment with the detected variables. Note that any file can be used and doesn't have to be .env.

Your file must use valid .env syntax. Here are some valid variable declarations:

# Value without quotes (doesn't support whitespace)

# Value with quotes (supports whitespace)
KEY_B="value of KEY_B"

# Multi-line value