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Simplifyd TollFree Proxy

Simplifyd TollFree Proxy is a way to make an app hosted on other cloud providers free of internet data charges for your users in regions we currently operate in. We make this possible by proxying connections to your app through our proxy servers.

How to setup Simplifyd TollFree Proxy

To setup Simplifyd TollFree Proxy, run the following command on the CLI:

simplifyd create tollfreeProxy

The command requires the following parameters:

  • name: This must be unique across your organization and is a name used to represent the rule
  • region: This should be one of the currently available regions e.g nga-west-1. This lets Simplifyd know what region to create the TollFree Proxy.
  • destination domain: This is the domain e.g your website URL, that you want to offer #tollfree internet access to. This value should be what is expected in the HTTP Host header field when requesting the URL.
  • destination port: This is the port the upstream application e.g your webste that you want to offer #tollfree internet access to is listening on. For example, if your website's HTTPS port is the standard 443, this should be 443. It's important to note that all upstream connections are made using HTTPS and certs are verified and validated. Therefore, your app or website cannot use self signed certificates as the connection would fail.

How to view your Simplifyd TollFree Proxies

To list all created Simplifyd TollFree Proxies for your organization, run the following command on the CLI:

simplifyd list tollfreeProxies

This command shows the following information:

  • ID: This is the ID assigned by Simplifyd to the TollFree Proxy.
  • Region: This is the region where the TollFree Proxy was deployed to.
  • Name: This is the unique name you specified for the TollFree Proxy.
  • Proxy Domain: This is the auto-generated proxy URL created by Simplifyd. Using this URL ensures that all connections to your internet toll-free application are proxied through our servers making them internet toll-free for your users.
  • Destination Domain: This is the URL for your website or application that's being made internet toll-free.
  • Destination Port: This is the port your website or application listens on for incoming connections. Your website or application must support HTTPS using a valid certificate from a trusted CA, otherwise, connections would fail.
  • Created At: This is the date and time the proxy was created.

How to connect to your TollFree Internet app/website

After you've created a TollFree Proxy, access you toll-free internet website or app by typing the following in your browser or using in your code base:

https://<Proxy Domain> - Production mode

https://<Proxy Domain>:8088 - Test mode

The Proxy Domain was displayed when you listed all your created TollFree Proxies. Port 8088 is needed when you are running in Test mode, which is the default mode.

Important Notes

To use this in production, please contact our support team at This works by default only in Test mode without actually making your app internet toll-free. Your website or application would still be proxied through our servers on port 8088.