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About Simplifyd

Simplifyd Cloud - #Datafree. #Secure. #Fast. #Serverless.

Simplifyd Cloud streamlines the software development lifecycle and makes easy, the mundane, sometimes tedious tasks of SSL/TLS termination, autoscaling, observability, opening firewall ports, different environment configurations etc.

Did you say #datafree too?

Yes! Simplifyd Cloud is #datafree. This means in geographical regions where we've partnered with and integrated directly with local mobile network operators (MNOs), your applications deployed to Simplifyd Cloud can be accessed by users on their mobile devices without using out of their internet mobile data plan. In other words, if a user has no active internet mobile data plan, your app is still accessible! This is a game changer for emerging markets where mobile is the primary mode for consuming internet applicatons and mobile data plans are still porhibitively expensive when compared to earning power.


Current geographical regions with #datafree support include Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile) and Kenya (Safaricom). More geogrpahical regions are in the works. Please check back for updates.

Deploying on Simplifyd

Point Simplifyd to your deployment source and let the platform handle the rest.

Flexible Deployment Sources

When deploying your app, choose from one of the following deployment sources that suits your setup:

  • Git Repositories: With or without Dockerfiles. Simplifyd will build an OCI compliant image based on your source code hosted on a Git provider. This approach is recommended when you work in a team. You map branches to environments. For example, you can map the main branch of your git repo to the production environment and map the dev branch to the development environment and so on. Therefore, commits or PRs to the dev branch would trigger an automatic build and deployment to the development environment making it easy to see changes quickly before pushing to production.

  • Local Directories: With or without Dockerfiles. Simplifyd will build an OCI compliant image based on your source code located in a local directory on your computer.

  • Docker Images: Deploy a Docker image directly from Docker Hub or GitHub Container Registry.

Build Process

Local vs Remote builds

Local builds are builds that run entirely on your local machine, while remote builds are builds that run remotely on a Simplifyd build cluster. Builds that run on your machine don't incur any costs, while remote builds are billed for depending on how long they run for. The longer the build time the more it costs.

Dockerfile vs No Dockerfile

When Simplifyd tries to build an image or artifact from your source code, it checks for a Dockerfile. If it finds one, it uses it to build the OCI compliant image. This is typically recommended when you need to customize how your source code is built. In the case where no Dockerfile is found in the root directory of your source code directory, the Simplifyd build process determines what type of application, framework, programming language is used and then attempts to build it. This makes it convenient for you to not have to worry about how to build your app. This works particularly well when your app doesn't require specific or domain knowledge to build it. The above applies regardless of the deployment source chosen between git repo or local directory. For the docker image deployment source there's nothing to build since the app image already exists.

Hassle-Free Setup

  • Sane Defaults: Out of the box, your app is deployed with sane defaults to get you up and running as fast as possible.
  • Configuration Tuning: When you're ready, there are plenty of knobs and switches to optimize as needed.

Development Lifecycle

Software development extends far beyond code deployment. Simplifyd's feature set is tailor-made, and continuously evolving, to provide the best developer experience we can imagine. Simplifyd makes it super easy to deploy #datafree web apps (websites, web frontend & backend apps), microservices and more without all the hassle of devops and infrastructure management. All you need to do is focus on writing great software, use Git for SCM, link your Git repo (Github, Bitbucket and GitLab supported) to Simplifyd and whenever you commit and push, Simplifyd takes care of building and deploying your app. You don't have to use Git, Simplifyd supports deploys directly from your local directory. Simplifyd handles all the grunt, tedious and mundane tasks such as managing SSL certificates and renewals, updating the app everytime you commit and push to git, autoscaling your app when under heavy load and a host of other tasks.

Configuration Management

  • Variables & Secrets: Easily manage configuration values and sensitive data with variable management tools.

Environment and Workflow

  • Environment Management: Create both static and ephemeral environments to create workflows that complement your processes.
  • Orchestration & Tooling: Build Simplifyd into any workflow using our CLI or API.

Deployment Monitoring

  • Observability: Keep a pulse on your deployments with Simplifyd's built-in observability tools.
  • Consistency of Workflows. Simplifyd aims to provide an easy-to-use, consistent workflow for getting applications from development to production: edge up.
  • Confidence in Deployment. The first thing any developer does after deploying is validate it works: open a browser, refresh the page, check logs, etc. Simplifyd provides tools such as logs etc. to give you confidence that deployments succeed.

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key features of Simplifyd Cloud

  • #Datafree: through local direct integrations with mobile networks in Nigeria and kenya, Simplifyd enables developers build apps that don't require their users to have an active mobile internet data plan to use their apps. This removes the barrier where users need to have data to use/access an app.
  • Lightning fast: through local direct integrations to regional IXPs in Lagos and Nairobi, your users are typically one (1) ISP hop away from your app. With an average latency of 20ms from most ISPs your apps load and perform super fast, giving your users a remarkable experience.
  • Local currency billing: you get to choose what currency you want to be billed in, which is great for business planning and at the same time choose where you want your apps deployed. You get to eat your cake and still have it!
  • Support for ALL major languages and frameworks: Vuejs, Reactjs, Angularjs, Jekyll, Laravel, Nodejs, Go, .NET Core etc. all supported out of the box making it all the more seamless to build amazing apps.
  • Deployments made simpler: no tedious devops and infrastructure management. All the grunt work automatically handled, such as SSL/TLS certificate management (issuing and renewals), autoscaling (scale up and down), build management, rollback support etc.
  • CLI available with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) support: The CLI is super easy to use and makes automation a breeze. IaC support ensures that you can always reproduce your environments predictably. You can code up your entire enviroment in a YAML file.
  • Easy and intuitive to use: Simplifyd is built with developer productivty in mind. That's why it's super easy and intuitive for developers to use. Most tasks take just three (3) or fewer steps to complete.
  • Autoscaling as demand increases: We track certain app metrics such as CPU utilization, memory pressure, response times etc. and scale your apps to meet the demands. All this happens automatically without manual intervention.