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Add a custom domain

By default, all web apps are assigned a suffixed vanity domain.

This domain can be replaced with a custom domain of your choice. This custom domain can be purchased from a third-party such as GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.

In this document, adding a domain to your Simplifyd app is explained in detail.

Adding a Domain

Step 1: Selecting Your Project and App

On the dashboard, pick the project and then app to which you would like to assign your domain:

Step 2: Navigating to Domain Settings

Once you have selected the project and app of your choice, on the Overview tab, scroll down to the Domains section:

Step 3: Entering Your Domain of Choice

From the Domains section, click on the button "Add domain" then enter the domain you wish to add to the app:

It's important to note that the DNS settings of the custom domain must have been configured for this step to work. Take a look at Step 4 for this.

Step 4: Configuring the Domain

Configure a CNAME on your DNS provider by pointing to the domain shown on the dashboard. For example, if your project region is set to nga-west-1, your custom domain CNAME setting should point to