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How deploys work

Simplifyd Cloud provides two deployment workflows:

  • Automatic Git deploys
  • Local directory deploys

Automatic Git deploys

By default, Simplifyd Cloud automatically deploys your GitHub or GitLab-backed service whenever you push to its linked branch (such as by merging a pull request).

This is the recommended approach when you work in a team and collaborate with other developers on a project.

Deploy steps

With each deploy, Simplifyd proceeds through the following steps:

+--------------------+         +--------------+         +----------+         +-------------------+
|  Deploy initiated  |  ---->  |  Build step  |  ---->  |  Deploy  |  ---->  |  Deploy complete  |
+--------------------+         +--------------+         +----------+         +-------------------+

Local directory deploys

This allows you deploy your app directly from your local working directory.

The workflow is as follows: - Make changes locally - Run the edge deploy command to deploy your app. That's it!

This approach is good when you work on solo projects and you have no need for collaboration.