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Cli create project

Projects in Simplifyd allow for the organization and inter-communication of related apps, datastores and services specific to a particular software project.

Create new project

To create a new project, run the following command:

simplifyd create project
You would be prompted to enter a project name, region and environment variables. Environment variables are optional and not required. Environment variables are specified in the form: VARIABLE1=VALUE1,VARIABLE2=VALUE2.

Environment variables created at the project level apply to all apps, services created within the project. Creating environment variables at the project level is good when you need them to apply to all apps and services created within the project.

Another way to provide the arguments needed by the parameters of the create project command is like this:

simplifyd create project --name example-project --region nga-west-1 --env USER=test,

This is more suited for situations where you need to run the commands in scripted or automated environments.

List all created projects

If project creation was successful, you can now list all projects by running the following command:

simplifyd list projects

Update environment variables of project

To update the environment variables of a project, run the following command:

simplifyd patchProject env
Note that this is a replace operation not a modify operation. The current environment variables would be replaced entirely by the new ones specified with this command.

Delete created project

To delete a project, run the following command:

simplifyd delete project