Django is a popular python web framework.

You can deploy a Django web app on Simplifyd in just a few steps.

A sample Django app for this quick start is deployed at

  • Fork the sample project on Github at
  • Create a new project on Simplifyd:
    • specify a name for the project
    • set the region to nga-west-1
    • Leave the environment variables blank since we won't be using environment variables in this example
  • Create a new app in the project created in the step above:
    • specify a name for the app
    • set app type to be django
    • specify the Git account (this could be one of the following: [Github Bitbucket Gitlab]) where you forked the repo to
    • specify the repo URL. This should be the URL of the forked repo and should be available in the specified Git account from the step above
  • Deploy the app:
    • specify a runner. For this example a nano runner would do just fine

That’s it! Your Django web app will be live on your Simplifyd vanity URL as soon as the build finishes. You can always specify a custom domain/URL. Check the "adding a custom domain" section for how to do that.