Run the following command to create a managed Redis instance:

simplifyd create datastore 

Specify the following attributes:

  • Name for the Redis instance
  • Project Redis instance should be setup under
  • Type. In this case that should be redis since we are creating a Redis instance
  • Runner. This should be any of the valid Simplifyd runner types [nano, micro, milli, kilo, mega, giga, tera]
  • Disk size. This value isn't used. This is because Simplifyd Redis instances do not persist to disk. This might be enabled in the future.

Once this is done, Simplifyd begins to create the Redis instance. Once ready, the folloeing environment variables are injected into the project which is made available to all apps within the project:

  • REDIS_<DB_NAME>_URL. This environment variable holds the connection URL to the Redis instance.
  • REDIS_<DB_NAME>_PORT. This environment variable holds the Redis instance Port.

The DB_NAME refers to the name given to the Redis instance during setup.

Together these environment variables are used to create the connection string needed to connect to the Redis instance.

It's important to note that previously running apps would need to be stopped or updated so that they get configured with the new environment variables.

It's also important to note that at the moment external connections over the internet cannot be made to the Redis instance. Connections can only be made from the apps within the same project.